Bring Him to His Knees Review

Bring Him to His Knees Review

Bring Him To His Knees by Musyc 


Read - 9/25/22- 10/3/22

Synopsis | Draco is on the case of a murderer, but to investigate, he needs a fake relationship - and a kink club play partner. When Hermione volunteers to take the role, both do their best to maintain the lie without letting each other know the truth: neither of them are acting.

 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆  /5 

Murder mysteries are definitely not my thing, but this honestly felt more like a steamy romance with a mystery to solve in the background. There were several times I forgot that Draco was even solving a murder case because I was so caught up in his and Hermione’s budding relationship and the steaminess of it all.

As the case began to fully develop, it did feel a bit predictable as to who the murderer was, but I didn’t mind it to much, because I was more focused on everything else going on.



  • My heart broke for what Narcissa went through
  • I love a good Pansy and Harry relationship
  • The dynamic between the snakes makes me wish I had more friends like them 🤣
  • Good girl and wax play 😈



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