Various Storms & Saints Review

Various Storms & Saints Review

Various Storms and Saints by @viridianatnight (stunning cover art by

Read - 3/9/22-3/18/22

 Disclaimer - Please make sure to be mindful of your triggers. This fic definitely shines a light on anxiety, mental health, escapism, and depression

 “Mudblood. Hermione stared at the letters that besmirched her skin. They hadn’t healed since the day she was maimed.”

 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ /5

It’s 8th year and Hermione is reluctantly back at Hogwarts. Her mudblood scar is a huge focus in this fic and I love how you get to see a different side of the usual optimistic, top of the class, Hermione. I literally had so many emotions while reading this. There’s no way I could sum it up in a few sentences. But I’ll give you a few main points



-Wonderfully written

-The mental health awareness hit home. So freaking hard. My heart ached with and for Hermione.

-It’s definitely top 2 fave Dramione fanfics for me

-Theo is my soulmate BFF

-I lost count of how many times I cried

-Ron was a complete, unforgivable, asshole

Have you read Various Storms and Saints? And 10 points to anyone who can give me more Theo fic recs where he doesn’t get killed off


Fave quotes

“They were the stars. The sky. The sun. They were everything to one another. Heart, body, and soul. Forever with everything in between.” 

“She was the divine. She was the page in his favourite book that he read until it ripped. She was the taste of warm tea, sweetened beyond normal. She was the saving grace in a world filled with hate. He may be a star but she was the sun. “

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